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2019-2020 Edgewood College Catalog 
2019-2020 Edgewood College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Department

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Goals of the Major

The curricula for the music majors are aligned with the standards for the National Association of Schools of Music and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The comprehensive degree offerings challenge students to reach their highest potential. The development of performing skills, critical thinking and music literacy are goals of each area of private and class instruction, music appreciation, music theory, music history and performing ensembles. Each semester the music faculty assesses student achievement using standard test formats, portfolio reviews, rubrics and juried performance reviews.

Opportunities for Non-Music Majors

Non-majors are encouraged to take music courses, a number of which require no previous musical experience. Performing ensembles are available to all students regardless of major. Some ensembles and upper-division courses require an audition. Some of the assessment strategies outlined above are also used for non-majors.

The Music Department offers General Education courses that cover the following tags: A, B, D, G, I, K, Q, and X.

Departmental Policies

Computer Competency

Majors must be adept at word processing and Finale software. They must also be familiar with computer-accessed sources and webpage development. Skills for these proficiencies are addressed in the music theory and music history/appreciation courses, as well as in MUS 191, Computer Applications in Music, which satisfies the general computer competency requirement.

Applied Music Private Study

Additional fees are assessed for private lessons. Students should contact the Business Office for current rates.

Students should contact the Department Chair for current information regarding subsidization of lesson fees for music majors, minors and members of designated performing ensembles. Credits for applied music are granted on the basis of one credit per semester. Lessons falling on days when classes at the College are suspended or when lessons are cancelled by the student will not be rescheduled. Lessons canceled by the teacher will be rescheduled.

Lesson material is designed to give the student a foundation in technical development and music literature according to course level. Students are to perform in MUS 000 Performance Class and in a juried performance at the end of each semester. To progress from the 200 level to the 300 level, a student must receive a grade of “C” or higher in MUS 141 (if a music major or minor), be approved by the appropriate applied instructor, and receive official recommendation from the music faculty following the most recent juried performance. Students must be registered at the 300 or 400 level in order to present a recital and must register for MUS 381 and MUS 481.

Audit Policy

Private lessons and performing groups cannot be audited.

Credit for Prior Learning

In extraordinary circumstances, students may apply for credit for prior learning experiences. These artistic or professional experiences should parallel music coursework and indicate a mastery of the knowledge and/or skills in a particular course of study. Decision to award credit will be made after formal application a submission of portfolio and audition/interview. Students should contact the Music Department Chair for more details.

Temporary Suspension of Studies

To assure a positive learning experience, students returning after a three-year interruption of studies toward the major must take placement exams to determine if theoretical and performance based skills have been maintained at an appropriate level.

Requirements for Transfer Students

All transfer students are required to audition on their primary instrument or voice before acceptance into the music major. After successful completion of the audition, the student must take the following music qualifying exams: Music Theory, Ear Training/Solfege, and Piano Skills and if applicable, Music History.

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 20 credits in music courses at Edgewood College. All music majors must register for a major performing ensemble each semester they are enrolled at Edgewood College. For Music Education majors, this policy does not include the student-teaching semester. All other requirements for the major must be satisfied by the transfer student, including the senior recital requirement.

To remain in good standing, transfer students must attain/maintain a GPA of 3.0 in all music courses taken at Edgewood College. Transfer students will normally submit a portfolio for review at the end of two semesters of study at Edgewood College and prior to graduation. All transfer students should check with the Department Chair for deadline details.

Music Performance Grants and Scholarships

Fine Arts Award in Music

For first time freshman and transfer students, this award is open to music majors and non-majors. To audition, a student must perform two works of contracting styles. Award amounts are based on the audition results and need. The grant is renewable for up to four years based on the recommendation of the Music Department, taking into consideration the student’s contribution to a performing organization.

Sister E. Blackwell Music Scholarship

Offered on a competitive basis to qualified undergraduate students who attain sophomore status or above and who participate in a performing ensemble and are also taking private lessons. Interested students should contact the Financial Aid Office and the Music Department Chair. The Music Department will supply information regarding audition requirements and deadlines. The reward is based on leadership, scholarship and performance in music courses as well as audition results.

Ken and Diane Ballweg Music Scholarship

Offered to an undergraduate student who is a declared music major who intends to make music his or her profession. The audition requires the student to perform intermediate through advanced level works (as determined by the Music Department) for a duration of 15 minutes. The scholarship is not automatically renewable and is not automatically given each year. Interested students should contact the Financial Aid Office and the Chair of the Music Department.

Battcock Scholarship

Awarded to qualified students based on potential as a piano student.

DeEtte Beilfuss-Eager Scholarship

Restricted to a student who is in good academic standing as a music major, and studying advance piano or is determined by the Music Department to have a high potential as a piano student.

Vernon and Anja Sell Choral Scholar Endowment

Awarded each year to one or more qualified students who have been active members of an Edgewood College choice for a least one year; demonstrated continued growth in choral/chamber singing and musicianship; shown exceptional interpersonal leadership skills; and are in good standing with the appropriate GPA. The award is based solely on merit rather than functional and is awarded yearly. Recipients may receive the award in successive years.

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