May 11, 2021  
2018-2019 Edgewood College Catalog 
2018-2019 Edgewood College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts Department

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Department Policies

At least one Theatre concentration is required for Theatre majors. One additional concentration may be added, though no more than two Theatre concentrations are allowed. Students should contact their advisor when selecting a concentration area.

All majors will complete 8 out of 9 crews, ½ credit each, for a total of 4 credits, on an Edgewood College Theatre Production: THA 292 A (Stage Management), B (Theatre Management/Box Office), C (Costumes), D (Dramaturgy), E (Make Up), F (Props), G (Sets), H (Sound), and I (Lights).

Majors will work each of the following crews:

THA 292A Stage Manager or Assistant Stage Manager
THA 292B Theatre Management/Box Office
THA 292D Dramaturgy
THA 292H Sound
THA 292I Lights

Majors will work three of the four following crews:

THA 292C Costumes
THA 292E Make Up
THA 292F Props
THA 292G Sets

All majors are required to attend:

  • All regularly scheduled Theatre Assembly meetings
  • All Edgewood College Theatre productions
  • All Studios
  • At least one audition per academic year (technical and design emphases excepted)

All majors are required to keep a portfolio of their work, to be discussed during their annual student conference. Requirements for the portfolio are included in the theatre student handbook. Portfolio will be reviewed by department members during their senior student conference. All theatre majors and talent scholarship winners are required to attend an annual student conference with faculty and staff. Minors are encouraged to attend.

Courses required for the theatre arts majors are regularly offered on a rotating basis, normally within a two-year cycle. Students are urged to consult the Department of Theatre Arts website for information regarding this sequence or their advisor in Theatre Arts, so that requirements may be fulfilled within the normal pattern. All majors are required to maintain at least a 2.75 GPA in their theatre courses.

Theatre Arts Grants and Scholarships

Talent Scholarship for Theatre Arts

The Talent Scholarship for Theatre Arts is for first time freshman and transfer students not necessarily majoring or minoring in theatre. Grants are for $1,000 to $3,000 based on need and are renewable for up to four years based on the recommendation of the Theatre Arts faculty. Recommendation for renewal for the third and fourth year will be limited to majors and minors. For information, contact the Admissions Office or the Producer.

Mary Frances Green Scholarship

Awarded to a Theatre Arts major who has attained junior standing. The scholarship recipient must have demonstrated all around excellence in several of the following areas: growth in chosen area, breadth of knowledge, a strong academic interest, collaborative working skills, an excellent work ethic, and leadership skills. In addition, the scholarship recipient will demonstrate financial need and exhibit great enthusiasm for and dedication to his/her chosen field.

Sister Marie Aileen Klein Scholarship

Awarded to a major or minor in Theatre Arts or Education who demonstrates financial need. This award may be offered to a current student or an underclassman entering Edgewood College. The student must show exceptional achievement or potential for exceptional achievement in some or all of the following areas: collaborative work skills, dependability, and work ethic, growth in knowledge, high academic interest and classroom work.

Martie Kaump Award

This is awarded to a student who demonstrates outstanding artistic achievement and student leadership. The criteria for this award includes the following: student is able to work independently, uses research tools in academic work, is able to formulate long-range goals, is reasonably successful in mentoring less experienced students, has completed 70 credits and maintained a grade point average of 3.2 or higher.

The David A. Raagas “Big Kahuna” Memorial Award

The David A. Raagas “Big Kahuna” Memorial Award is to be awarded to students interested in the arts, theatre, film, and/or creative writing. The award is named in memory of David A. Raagas to provide financial support for students who share his love and passion for the arts. The awardee will be determined by the Theatre Arts Department and receive the award at the annual Theatre Arts Department banquet.

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