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2019-2020 Edgewood College Catalog 
2019-2020 Edgewood College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Science, Sonography Concentration, BS

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Requirements for a Medical Science Major are as follows:

Policies for Medical Science Majors

The Medical Science major includes up to three years of undergraduate academic study including completion of the General Education degree requirements. Transfer students must take a minimum of 8 biology credits at Edgewood College for a Medical Science major.

This major requires a 2-full year internship (including summers) at the University of Wisconsin Health (UW Health) program. Students can select either the sonography or radiography concentration. The number of credits earned during the internship depends on the concentration selected. For the sonography concentration, a student earns 73 credits. 

After showing satisfactory progress in both years of the internship program, students will be permitted to participate in the May commencement ceremony as an August graduate. Upon completion of the clinical coursework in the August of the second year of the internship, the students will be granted a B.S. degree in Medical Science from Edgewood College. The student will then be eligible to take the examination for national certification.

The UW Health is a very competitive program with excellent certification and employment success and this curriculum has been designed to specifically improve Edgewood College students’ likelihood of acceptance. Interested students should seek advice from their major advisor as to how to improve their chances of admission to the UW Health program. The students will interview around the time of spring break in their junior year, and if accepted, they will continue onto the University of Wisconsin Health’s (UW Health) program for their final two years. If the students are not accepted into the program, the students can choose to focus on their research requirement for the Biology major, and complete BIO 252 . The students who become Biology majors will have enough time to complete the remaining required courses for the Biology Major (BIO 151 BIO 353 , BIO 401 , BIO 402 , BIO 480  and Ecology and Evoluation elective) in addition to the completion of a research project through BIO 252 , and BIO 489  in their fourth year at Edgewood College.

Students apply to the School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography for their internship in the Fall semester of their junior year. Applications are due by December 1st for interns beginning in the following Fall semester, along with a $50 application fee to UW Health. Students should contact their advisors for more information.


Students are required to shadow a sonographer 8 hours prior to application to UW Health in the Fall semester of their Junior year. Please talk to your major advisor to request a shadowing experience through UW Health. Students are encouraged to shadow general sonography, echocardiography, and radiography to make an informed decision and to facilitate a clear understanding of the differences between fields.

CPR certification through the American Heart Association’s Health-Care Provider CPR course is required prior to acceptance in the UW Health program and enhances the student’s application if the student has this experience prior to the student’s application to UW Health.

Concentration Requirements


Students are required to have an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4 point scale for all pre-clinical coursework for the Sonography concentration. In addition, a minimum of “C” grades must be earned in each prerequisite course which includes all courses listed below except for courses listed as “COR” or “Gen Ed.”

Students that choose the sonography concentration can elect to be trained in general sonography or echocardiography during their UWHC internship. Students must select general sonography or echocardiography when they receive their letter of acceptance from UWHC.

Practical experience in patient care is required prior to application to the UWHC program. Experience caring for the sick is beneficial in that it prepares the student for clinical practice and such experience can be obtained through employment (general or through CNA certification) or volunteer activities in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics including urgent care, trauma centers and imaging centers. The UWHC requires a minimum of 100 hours of clinical practice experience.

Students are required to have completed their Certified Nursing Assistant certification (CNA) prior to starting their coursework at the UWHC. Students are recommended to complete their CNA certification in the Freshman year so that they can use this certification to work in summers as CNAs in order to gain clinical practice experience which counts toward the 100 required hours.

Prerequisite of the Medical Science Major

The following science and general education courses must be completed prior to the clinical internship at UWHC.

Biology Options

One of the following Biology Options:

Chemistry Sequence

Two of the following chemistry courses:

Mathematics Courses

One of the following Mathematics courses:

Medical Law Courses

One of the following Medical Law courses:

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