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2019-2020 Edgewood College Catalog 
2019-2020 Edgewood College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish, BA

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Major Policies

Emphasis is on the use of Spanish in the classroom beginning with the first-year classes. Advanced classes are conducted in Spanish. Upper level courses may be repeated for credit, provided the content is different.  Students with three or more years of the same high school language cannot take 101 of that same language at Edgewood College.

Transfer students who intend to continue in language should consult the Foreign Language Department for assistance in choosing the appropriate level course. Admission to the major is by consent of the department, which will appoint an advisor to monitor student progress and satisfactory completion of the requirements. All majors, teaching and non-teaching and all teaching minors must pass with a minimum grade of “B” in at least two of the following: SPAN 312 SPAN 314 SPAN 318 SPAN 412 SPAN 414 SPAN 418 , and SPAN 430 .

All majors, teaching and non-teaching, must take at least one language course at the 400 level. All majors, teaching and non-teaching as well as all teaching minors must also maintain a 3.0 GPA in Spanish courses, achieve oral proficiency at the intermediate-high level (ACTFL guidelines) and be approved by the Department. If the department rotation of required 300 and 400 level courses does not permit students in the major or minor to take them at the College, they may take them at UW-Madison through the Collaborative Program.

Study Abroad

Students should consult their advisor about study abroad for variable credit. For the completion of the Educational Professional Requirements and licensing requirements for teacher education, see Undergraduate Programs  in the School of Education. A Spanish Teaching Minor must be accepted into Emergent Professional Transition before being admitted to SPAN 459F.

Major Requirements

Thirty-six credits beyond SPAN 101  and SPAN 102 , to include:

Spanish or Transfer Courses

Eight credits of intermediate Spanish or transfer courses (maximum of 8 credits accepted or 8 retroactive credits):

Language Courses

Twelve credits of language from the following:

Literature Courses

Eight credits of literature from the following:

Culture Courses

Four credits of culture from the following:

Electives Credits

Four credits of electives (from courses listed above beyond the 300 level).

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